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bullet journal for beginners

Looking for an online bullet journal workshop or wondering how to start bullet journalling? What is a bullet journal? How can bullet journalling help you?

I've been using the bullet journalling technique since 2017 when I felt overwhelmed by juggling a young family and my business, Babel Babies. Bullet journalling really is life-changing. I now feel centred on the things that matter most to me, and it has helped me separate the signal from the noise of modern life. Let me show you how simple paper and pens can help you live your happiest life too!

Would you like to

  1. Stop feeling overwhelmed?

  2. Feel in control of your to-do list?

  3. Spend time doing the things you love?

Then bullet journalling is for you!

It can be as creative or as simple as you like. As I explain in my Bullet Journal 101 workshop, it takes less than two hours to create a new bullet journal and it is a practice that, like yoga or meditation, has immediate benefits to how you feel and you can refine it over time. It is completely bespoke to your needs, and unlike a ready-made journal, it can change and grow with you.

I've taught hundreds of people how to start a bullet journal, and regularly get feedback saying that it has changed someone's life, helped them love their daily routine, and made them feel more in control of how they spend their time.

So what are you waiting for? Join me for Bujo101 by clicking the green button below. When else can you spend £25 and change your life in under two hours?

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