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Multilingual is normal

We made a book together... in a month!

People talk. It’s just what humans do. We may sometimes have a love/hate relationship with language, but there is no escaping it. And every human does language in their own way. This anthology brings together sixty voices from around the world, talking about how languages have shaped their lives. Multilingual is normal, and fascinating, and there is no one way of doing it. There is joy, sadness, hilarity, and embarrassment at various points in this volume, and we hope it gets people talking about talking!

I was inspired to gather these tales of wordy wisdom, or woe, by hearing so many people's stories of their language journeys over the last twenty years. It's been a wonderful experience to collate and edit this anthology. Thank you to all the contributors.

You can read Multilingual is Normal on Kindle, or order a paperback copy here.

You can also download the book on Apple Books here.

Contributors, who come from all around the world, voted for 20% of the profits to be donated to Bilingualism Matters so every copy you buy is directly contributing to research into bilingualism, multilingualism, or plurilingualism (whichever term you prefer!)

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